Tip of the Month April 2017 – Choosing the right password

Why you need to choose the right password?

Day after day the things that you can do online are amazing.. To keep track all of the numbers, letters and word combinations may be difficult some times to remember.

Passwords are the most common means of authentication and thats why you need to choose good passwords and keep them confidential. Many systems have been  breached because of weak passwords.

Choosing a good password

Longer passwords are more secure than shorter passwords because there are more characters to guess. For example "ThisP@sswOrd30!"  its a strong password because it has many characters and includes lowercase/uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Once you have a strong password don't use it for every system or account. If  attackers guess your password they will have access to all of your accounts. To help you create you own strong password follow the below techniques:

  • Use different passwords on different systems and accounts.
  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Use minimum 8 characters long.
  • Develop passphrases for remembering complex passwords.
  • Its good to use a password manager like keepass to safe your password in case you forgetting them.
  • Change your password often minimum every 3 months.
  • Don't use passwords that are based on personal information publicly available.
  • Don't use words that can be found in any dictionary.

Protect your passwords

Now that your passwords are difficult to guess you need to keep them safe . Avoid writing it them down like place it in your desk or near your computer or stick to your computer. As always avoid telling anyone your passwords.Nowadays attackers trying to trick you via phone calls or emails by asking information or resetting your passwords.

Security reminder

  • Use an anti-virus software and a firewall.
  • Keep your softwares and operating system up to date.
  • Scan your computer for spyware.


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