Test your Cybersecurity with SOFTimpact’s Maritime Phishing Simulator

LIMASSOL, Cyprus - Oct. 20, 2017 -  SOFTimpact the Maritime IT solutions specialist recently launched the worlds first and only dedicated Maritime Phishing Simulator.

As part of this launch they are currently offering a FREE trial of the platform to all Maritime companies wanting to analzye their exposure to such attacks.

Lee Williamson, Senior Consultant Maritime Cyber Security stated " Many attacks we see start first with phishing emails, that is an attack where hackers attempt to trick users into clicking risky links or inputing their credentials. They do this by appearing to be from a legitimate or trusted source. SOFTimpact's CYBERimpact team have developed a fully managed Phishing platform that allows companies to test behaviour of staff or the so called "Human Element" which is often used to bypass security technology.

We have already ran simulations across many companies with the results often being an echo of one another. In many cases the email passed through the security gateways and onto the users device. At that point the last line of defence is the user and whether they open, click or indeed enter credentials to a fake page maintained by us. The results average out at 95% delivered, 70% opened and 45% clicking or providing credentials, which is a worrying statistic that users are not trained on how to identify such mail attacks.

Once a company understands that exposure they can look to Cyber awareness campaigns whether this be via training or ongoing internal newsletters"

Did you know that many of the high profile cyber attacks started with a simple email?

Reduce your exposure: With more than 91% of successful data breaches starting with email. Running Phishing simulations to your employees will help you quickly identify your exposure. Unlike generic phishing simulators, ours is focused purely on the Maritime industry with suitable emails and landing pages generated by our in-house experts.

Free Phishing test: SOFTimpact the Maritime IT specialists, are offering all Maritime companies  a one time free phishing simulation, that will mimic email attacks used by hackers trying to gain access to your systems.

Learn who is exposing you: Within a week of running the simulated phishing attack, the results are compiled into a report including who opened the email and who clicked on links. Allowing you to analyze your exposure, proactively correct such behavior and reduce your risks from Phishing attacks.

To take advantage of this offer visit http://phish.soft-impact.com and signup.

And remember 1 wrong click is all it takes to access your companies systems.

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