Shipping still asleep to Cyber threats says BIMCO


BIMCO says the shipping industry still hasn’t woken up to cyber-security. “For example during the design stage, there are no security processes for shipboard IT,” the deputy sec-gen Lars Robert Pedersen told press in Hamburg, Germany ahead of this year’s trade exposition SMM.

“More often the problems arise at shore-side sites than at sea,” Pedersen told The Marine Professional. “Phishing emails with demands for thousands of dollars apparently sent from senior employees for example, are being received at the offices and often these transfers take place even though one should be suspicious and check back with the other party if this is real,” Pedersen said, calling for people to use some common sense. “So much trust is put in emails in general, but they are only the postcards of the internet,” the sec-gen said.

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It is the case that today due to connectivity of offices being 24/7 with many using standard software packages and operating systems that the majority of attacks are hitting the land based infrastructure. Ports are also becoming more targeted and as connectivity moves to next generation Satellite high speed links on vessels they will become more open to attack.

Unfortunately many companies have still not made Cyber security a board level topic and its left to the IT department to try and deal with.  Companies need to start assessing their risks, categorize them and put in steps to mitigate them.

Cybersail can help companies to analyze where they stand today from a risk perspective and how these can be addressed with a combination of technology and education for staff.

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