Shipowners financially liable for cyber-attack ?

Seatrade Global, 14th March 2016 (The original article is no longer available on the Seatrade website)

Shipowners financially liable for a cyber-attack: legal expert

Shipping companies leaving themselves vulnerable to cyber-attack also risk massive financial liability for damage to other businesses, warns executive director of the Institute for Cyber Security Innovation Robert Carolina.

A technology and intellectual property lawyer, Carolina, speaking at the 8th London Chemical & Tanker Conference, said the risks to shipping include potential for loss of ship, loss of cargo, loss of crew, third party property damage, third party loss of life and a hazard to third party navigation.

Icon Cybersail Assessment

Cyber threats to vessels exist, tho at present the risk level of this happening is low. We will discuss and present at the Nautical Institute of Cyprus on March 23rd the risks to vessel systems and the perceived chance of this happening

A company should consider;

  • Reviewing or start working on their Cyber Defence strategy
  • Join and participate in initiatives like
  • Also look at what shipping organisations such as BIMCO and Intermanager are doing for security related initiatives

Disclaimer - Please be aware that does not offer legal advise on such topics and this should be discussed with a suitably qualified Law firm.

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