Ship owner uses hackers to test Cyber Security

shipowneruseshackersStolt Tankers today revealed that they annually release hackers into their business that attack their IT system, each year resulting in their security being breached in some way.

According to the company, this highlights the cyber security risks that the industry faces but by using hackers gaps can be plugged to ensure cyber safety.

Jose Milhazes treated delegates to great insight this morning at Fathom’s inaugural Smart Operations 2016 conference in Rotterdam.

Full article can be read here

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This is common place to employ dedicated penetration testing services in other industries such as Banking & Financial, but one of the first publicly announced cases. Stolt have realized that an outlay annually of 18,000 euros is far better vs the cost & loss of reputation of a Cyber breach to their company. Also the have understood the fact that Cyber Threats continually evolve and therefore need reviewed regularly.


Cybersail offers a full range of services to assist Maritime companies secure their data.

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