• Decision maker training

    Decision maker training

    If you are a decision maker, mid-level management this 1 day non-technical course on Cyber security for maritime is for you.…

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  • User awareness training

    User awareness training

    This 1/2 day interactive training session for employees, highlights the risks faced in their day to day jobs and how…

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  • Phishing Simulation

    Phishing Simulation

    Our Professional Phishing Simulator service is used by Maritime companies to regularly test both their filtering technology and more importantly…

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  • Cyber defence planning

    Cyber defence planning

    Proactively addressing Cyber threats, takes planning and decisions on how to implement a solid Cyber defence strategy. Our Cyber defence specialists…

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  • IT Risk Assessments

    IT Risk Assessments

    Do you want to understand your Cyber risks and weaknesses? Our independent IT risk assessments thoroughly investigate your IT systems and…

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  • Vulnerability testing

    Vulnerability testing

    Unsure if your IT systems could handle an attack? Vulnerability testing allows you to find the weaknesses and address them…

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