Scam warning for unemployed seafarers


Recently, one of my former students almost became a victim of a scam targeting seafarers with offers of employment at ridiculously high wages and with generous benefits. Even in good times, 4.580 GBP per month for a third officer position with 3.500 GBP travel allowance would be incredibly tempting. So, with severe wage pressure now everywhere, even very alert seafarers may be tempted to follow up on such an offer.

The scam starts off more or less benignly - a contract is sent over! But, unlike typical employment offers, this one does not involve any sort of screening. Miraculously, the candidate has already been accepted for the position, all he needs to do is sign and send the contract back. The deadline for this? Suspiciously short: one week, maybe even less.

Full article can be read here

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Scammers are continually targeting both employed and unemployed seafarers via email. We have several news articles already published on the site for scams using the Vroon and K-line names. We also explain in detail here how the scams usually work with real examples of the mails that are sent. This has led to a large amount of seafarers contacting us via our live chat facility having been approached and to confirm this is a scam before they proceed further.

More needs to be done by the shipping companies, associations and respective publications to keep seafarers informed of the risks and how standard employment offers should be approached.

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