Risk Moment: Any USB Port When Needing to Recharge

riskusbchargingThe Standard P&I Club recently hosted a contest where mariners could identify hazards in different parts of the vessel. A conversation with a couple of deck officers started with a discussion of music on the bridge - a hazard identified on one of the posters. While a consensus was not reached on the idea of music overall, it's certain that there are times when it is highly inappropriate: times such as traffic, coastal navigation or pilotage.

While talking about portable media players on the bridge, another point was raised. What happens when crew members want to charge their portable devices on the bridge?

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Icon Cybersail Assessment

Plugging in any usb device to a port on the bridge could easily compromise systems infecting them with malware, backdoors or viruses which could bring systems such as ECDIS down. If charging of devices is necessary on the bridge, they should look at installing dedicated USB charging ports which simply charge and are not connected to any machine/device.

usb charging panel An example of a dual port charging panel



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