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Decision maker training

If you are a decision maker, mid-level management this 1 day non-technical course on Cyber security for maritime is for you. At the end of this course you will be able to take the next steps in deciding on a IT security strategy suited to your company. Understand the types of attacks faced by Maritime and what…
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User awareness training

This 1/2 day interactive training session for employees, highlights the risks faced in their day to day jobs and how simple information leaks, can lead to high risks for them and their employers. The course will cover; What is happening in the Maritime sector Types of Cyber threats How vulnerable you are Social media risks…
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Phishing Simulation

Our Professional Phishing Simulator service is used by Maritime companies to regularly test both their filtering technology and more importantly the “Human element” within the company. When a dangerous mail manages to pass the technology, your employees become the last line of defense. Avoid the 1 click to bankruptcy scenario by deploying our service. Reduce…
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