Phishing Simulation

Our Professional Phishing Simulator service is used by Maritime companies to regularly test both their filtering technology and more importantly the “Human element” within the company. When a dangerous mail manages to pass the technology, your employees become the last line of defense.

Avoid the 1 click to bankruptcy scenario by deploying our service.

Reduce your Exposure

With more than 91% of successful data breaches starting with email. Running Phishing simulations to your employees will help you quickly identify your exposure.

Unlike generic phishing simulators, ours is focused purely on the Maritime industry with suitable emails and landing pages generated by our in-house experts.

We even provide a free trial of the service.

Maritime Focused Phishing

This end-to-end phishing simulation service has been developed for Maritime companies who want to test their users’ response to receiving a simulated phishing attack.

Using our Maritime knowledge we create industry focused emails, websites and content to see how your users respond.

Learn who is Exposing you

Withing  a week of running the simulated phishing attack, the results are compiled into a report including who opened the email, clicked on links and provided login credentials. Allowing you to proactively correct such behavior and reduce your risks from Phishing attacks.

Free trial

Contact us today to arrange your free phishing trial

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