Cyber defence planning

Proactively addressing Cyber threats, takes planning and decisions on how to implement a solid Cyber defence strategy.

Our Cyber defence specialists will work with you to answer any questions your company may have, while offering impartial advice on how to secure your organization, types of technologies to use and what cyber threats are already happening and the forecast for future threats/trends.

While guiding you through the establishing and implementation of your Cyber defence strategy we will look at;

  • Concerns of the management
  • Concerns of IT
  • Existing IT security
  • Existing business processes
  • Business partners IT processes (where relevant)
  • IT systems in place
  • IT systems exposed to the internet
  • IT systems & security change control
  • User IT security awareness levels
  • Management IT security awareness levels
  • IT staff awareness levels
  • Assessment of current risks
  • Future system plans

We will analyze the findings and work together with business leaders and IT staff to put in place a workable Cyber defence strategy, that allows the business to continue working while maintaining security, reducing risks of a cyber attack being successful.

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