Over-reliance on bridge technology causes ship accidents

overrelianceRecent maritime accidents have occurred because bridge crew were distracted by communications equipment, or were too reliant on navigation technology. It is clear from accident reports that deck officers must ensure they are not distracted, or too dependent on radar, ecdis and AIS information, to prevent groundings and collisions.

These were the key messages from the latest digest of ship accidents and incidents from the UK’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch. Over the last six months, it has reported on a number of accidents involving cargo vessels, tankers and passenger ships that have grounded or collided while the officer of the watch was distracted by technology.

Full article can be read here

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This article hits the "nail on the head". We have spoken and presented to many companies who have informed us that Seafarers don't rely too much on technology and should be able to navigate by sight.

Speaking with older generations of Captain's & Masters they agreed this might have been the case 10-20 years ago when the technology was new and buggy, but that the younger generation has become reliant on GPS, ECDIS and other technologies.  If accidents can happen simply via distractions, imagine the case if the systems are compromised and fed incorrect information to the Navigator. This could easily lead to many more accidents occurring.


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