Outdated systems placing maritime vessels at risk of cyber-attack, study suggests

outdated systems

Maritime vessels are under significant threat of cyber-attack because many are carrying outdated software and were not designed with cyber security in mind, according to new research.

But operators could easily mitigate against such dangers by updating security systems, improving ship design and providing better training for crews, the study led by Plymouth University’s Maritime Cyber Threats Research Group suggests.

Traditionally, attacks on marine vessels have included piracy, boarding, theft, and/or destruction, and while these attacks have often been successful and continue, they are well understood.

In contrast, the article says, cyber-attacks are much more stealthy, but have a range of potential implications including business disruption, financial loss, damage to reputation, damage to goods and environment, incident response cost, and fines and/or legal issues.

Full article can be read here

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It seems that this vulnerabilities are developing by increasing the risk of being targeted. Needs a completely different approach to secure the maritime infrastructure dedicated to maritime . Running an outdated software  could be really dangerous by changing your navigation delaying your cargo or even worse know whats in it and know which one to steal.

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