I have Antivirus

In the second part of the series on thoughts, we will look at another answer widely given "I have antivirus"

How Antivirus works

Viruses have been around since the dawn of technology. Their goal in life to infect machines, corrupt data and infect many more machines. Much like flu, if you have 20 people in a room and someone infectious sneezes that virus will be past around. Some people will be infected others naturally immune to that strain.

Not all Antivirus solutions are created equal. Like people, some devices will get infected, others not, depending on how good their Antivirus system is.

Antivirus technology is based on the software of your choice being aware of those types of viruses, how they look, act and replicate/write themselves. This gives each virus a known signature. The antivirus software has a database of signatures and if it identifies a virus it blocks it.

Why Antivirus isn't enough

Now if a new virus is released, the Antivirus vendor is playing catch-up and reacting to the release once people get infected or news spreads of a new "strain" Since the signature no longer matches the virus passes undetected and your machine is infected.

Zero day malware

Evolution of viruses includes spyware & malware. A zero day malware is a new bad software which has never been seen before, so again the antivirus vendor is playing catchup. Malware usually does much more than infect the machine, also sending out details to the attackers or giving them remote access to your systems.

There are now next generation technologies coming into play which allow all your downloads/emails to be "detonated" in a cloud system independent of yours to see what opening that attachment/mail would do to your machine. If clean it passes, if suspect its blocked. But that also raises the question, would you like your data opened and checked on someone else's system?

Technology alone cannot help you

Even if you spend 10,000's on security solutions including antivirus, next generation cloud protection and endpoint security, there is still a chance some new advanced exploitation tool/ransom-ware/malware could pass and infect you company.

This is where your next line of defence needs to come into play. To catch the 10% that gets past the technology.

The final line of defence - Your staff

Staff should be able to understand what a genuine website, email or download should look like and behave. They need regular training and updates on the types of Cyber threat which they could be exposed to.

This can be the difference between opening a bad email/download or thinking to call the IT department to check or delete the message themselves from their inbox.

That can save your company hours of trying to remove viruses and recovering data.

How can we help?

Cybersail offers a catalog of services which can utilized alone or combined as part of a more comprehensive Cyber Defence Strategy .

We work on both the technologies in place, IT security polices, procedures and user education on Cyber threats.

Technology + Awareness = Security

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