Does ECDIS increase the risk of ship collisions?

ecdisEcdis may reduce the number of ship groundings if used correctly, but can increase the risk of ship collisions. Ecdis is seen as an aid to navigation for the increasing number of vessels that are using these systems and electronic navigational charts (ENCs). But it can also be seen as a liability on the bridge – if navigators are not operating these systems properly and not keeping good situational awareness.

There are examples of ecdis-assisted groundings, where accident investigators have concluded that officers were not using these devices correctly. Human error is the main reason cited by investigators for ship accidents – whether this is due to not using navigation aids to the best of their ability or just not looking out of the bridge window. This needs to be changed to prevent more serious accidents occurring.

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Tho this article focuses mostly on the ECDIS system and lack of understanding by seafarers causing accidents/grounding. You can however easily theorize that if the ECDIS system are attacked and compromised, what havoc could be created. Turning off alerts, changing contours and ENC's leading to collisions/groundings.

Ask yourself the question what is my ECDIS supplier doing to ensure my system and interconnected systems remain secure?

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