AMMITEC issues Cyber Security Awareness Guidelines

As Shore and Satamitecellite Communications continuously evolve over time, Internet access is a feature available to most vessels of our fleets and all office staff. Nowadays, more and more core ships’ & office systems

are networked together and connected to the public Internet.

  • Bridge Navigation
  • Communications
  • Propulsion and machinery management
  • Power control
  • Ships Security
  • Cargo Management Systems
  • Crew Welfare (Crew Lan, Wi-Fi hotspots, Internet browsing etc.)
  • Crew personal mobile devices connected to ship’s network

Although this includes many benefits, it also contains some major risks. Considering this, some major Organizations like Bimco, Clia , ICS, Intercargo and Intertanko have begun to develop Cyber Security Guidelines in order to raise awareness of the safety, security and commercial risks for shipping companies.

Full article can be read here

Icon Cybersail Assessment

Another association starting to take Cyber security and threats to the Maritime industry. The guidelines are non technical, pragmatic and an excellent starting point for those wanting to educate themselves more on the topic and what to look out for on popular threats such as USB devices and Social Engineering.


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