Alert : Shipserv phishing emails increase

Alert notice: Shipserv phishing emails increase 

We have noticed an increase in phishing emails aimed at the shipping industry. These come with attachments of various names in zip or gz format. All contain trojans/viruses.


Sent: 17/02/2016 11:05 AM
Subject: Re: Request for quotation

Dear Sirs,

We just sent you our Request for Quotation via ShipServ.

Attached please find additional data, as announced in our ShipServ inquiry.

We are looking forward to receiving your quotation.

Best regards,

WJ Lim
Tel : 82-2-538-5480 (Direct)
Fax : 82-2-566-8369

(1) It is not SPAM/Junk Mail but only regular e-mail of shipping & chartering business;
(2) If you are not interested in these biz areas and do not want to receive our mail again, please inform us;
(3) Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

Icon Cybersail Assessment: LOW RISK

Companies running Next-Generation firewalls and antivirus on the desktops should capture this mail before it reaches the end-users.

The formatting of the email is not great so educated users should realise this if it reaches them.

If the email reaches the user without antivirus, and they have a application installed which can open zip/gz then they could infect their machine and any network attached computers.

General advice

  • Do not open attachments of unknown senders
  • Raise suspicion level in case of zipped PDFs or DOCs
  • Verify first of a corresponding quote exists in ShipServ

Note these emails do not come from Shipserv and there is no indication that Shipserv systems were compromised in anyway.

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