Alert : Fake employment offer emails

Alert notice: Fake employment offers via email purporting to be from K-line

There has been an increase in phishing emails aimed at seafarers. The purpose of these emails to is both gain information & the trust of the seafarer and scam them into thinking they have been offered a lucrative position with K-line. At some point during the process they will be asked for payment for "documents" VIsa/NI or recruitment fees.


From: Mack Patterson []

Sent: 02 June 2016 08:02
To: Hidden

"K" Line LNG Shipping (UK) Limited

6th Floor, 200 Aldersgate Street

London, EC1A 4HD

United Kingdom

Tel : + 442032906048

Dear  ,

Ref N0 : VN-2016/17

Post: Master 

This is to confirm your employment with K-Line Shipping Limited, You will need to have an Insurance Document and you will need to have visa to enter into the United Kingdom for a job, you will also have to provide us with the nearest airport close to your location. So therefore you are require to contact the British Embassy for the processing of your Insurance Document. This is very important because without the document , they will not allow you to pass the boarder and gain entry to work in our company in United Kingdom . Remember that we are offering you a contract of 2 years , so remember to inform of them as well. Follow our instruction carefully and we assure you that they will grant you Insurance Document, also note that you are required to pay for your documents.

 below is the details of Immigration Office .



Contact Person: Mr Maclawson Williams

Telephone Number: +441515282217


 Please note that you are required to process the national insurance number with Mr. Maclawson Williams that is why I directed you to him he is in charge of getting these documents so please send an email to him with the email contact I provided to you above and attached to this email is what the documents looks like.

 Once again thank you for your time and accepting our job.


 Mr. Mac Patterson

Kline Shipping Company

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Similar mass mails and offers of fake employment purporting to be from K-line initially surfaced in July 2015 . The scammers have recently resurfaced and are again targeting seafarers for financial gain.

Since they are contacting seafarers on personal emails, it means that many of these mails will reach the intended recipient due to lack of corporate style security checks.

Note however the formatting of the email is not great, and that genuine shipping companies would not ask fees for recruitment services/visas/national insurance.

General advice

  • If you are unsure contact directly the shipping company offering the position using the publicly available contact details (Do not use the details on the mail/documents they are to the scammer!)
  • The quality of documents and emails will be low resolution graphics
  • Geniune shipping companies do not ask for fees/payment
  • Check for correct corporate email addresses vs addresses

We will be publishing a full article with more examples and the steps taken by the scammers shortly.

Note these emails do not come from K-Line and there is no indication that K-line systems were compromised in anyway.

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