Alert – Fake employment emails Carisbrooke Shipping

Alert notice: Fake employment offers via email purporting to be from Carisbrooke Shipping

There has been an increase in phishing emails aimed at seafarers. The purpose of these emails to is both gain information & the trust of the seafarer and scam them into thinking they have been offered a lucrative position with Carisbrooke Shipping. At some point during the process they will be asked for payment for "documents" Visa/NI or recruitment fees of around 740gbp payable via Moneygram.


From: Lisa Straughton <>
To: xxxxxxxx
Sent: Friday, 4 November 2016, 8:49
Subject: Follow Instructions
Inline image 1
Carisbrooke Shipping Limited
38 Medina Road
Isle of Wight
PO31 7DA
Registered No. in England and Wales: 968909
VAT no. GB 785 4079 90
Dear xxxxxxxxxx ,
Kindly  be informed that We are ready to welcome you to our organization. Please note that a medical fitness test will be carried out upon your arrival to the UNITED KINGDOM. Be advised that you are required to contact the Immigration Department ASAP with the email contact below informing  them that I (Ms Lisa Straughton) referred you to them for the processing of your Insurance Document and Visa/Work Permit.
We will book your flight ticket while you are required to pay the processing fees of the required Documents, which will be refunded upon your arrival to the United Kingdom within 5 working days of resumption. Make sure this is done as soon as you receive this email. Attached to this email is a copy of your invitation letter, you are required to forward a copy to the immigration service with the contact details below.
Contact Person:Mclawson Williams

Kindly contact the above office via email and let them know that you've been offered a job from Ms Lisa Straughton(Carisbrooke Shipping Limited )Inform them to render assistance in processing your National Insurance,
Visa/Work Permit Documents and get back to you with the required information you should provide to them and the Official fees too be paid.
Congratulations on your success
Ms Lisa Straughton

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Similar mass mails and offers of fake employment purporting to be from K-line & Vroon, these use the Carisbrooke Shipping name.

Since they are contacting seafarers on personal emails, it means that many of these mails will reach the intended recipient due to lack of corporate style security checks.

Note however the formatting of the email is not great, and that genuine shipping companies would not ask fees for recruitment services/visas/national insurance.

General advice

  • If you are unsure contact directly the shipping company offering the position using the publicly available contact details (Do not use the details on the mail/documents they are to the scammer!)
  • The quality of documents and emails will be low resolution graphics
  • Genuine shipping companies do not ask for fees/payment
  • Check for correct corporate email addresses vs addresses

We have a full article here on how the scam works

Note these emails do not come from Carisbrooke Shipping and there is no indication that Carisbrooke Shipping systems were compromised in anyway.

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