Alert – Facebook Hacked – How does affect you and your business.

Alert notice: Facebook Hacked — How does affect you and your business.

If you also found yourself logged out of Facebook on Friday 28/09/2018, you are not alone.

Facebook forced more than 90 million users to log out and back into their accounts in response to a massive data breach.

On Friday afternoon, the social media disclosed that some unknown hackers managed to exploit three vulnerabilities in its website and steal data from 50 million users and the company reset access tokens for nearly 90 million Facebook users.


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How does this affect you ?

If you are using the same password to your business account or corporate emails the attacker can use millions of secret access tokens to programmatically fetch information from each account using an API, without actually having your password or two-factor authentication code to get you password.

General advice

You can head on to "Account Settings → Security and Login → Where You're Logged In" to review the list of devices and their location that have accessed your Facebook account.

If you found any suspicious session that you never logged in, change  your password on both social networks and any other corporate account you have.

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