Monthly Archives: May 2017

Get TMSA 3 compliance for Cybersecurity with SOFTimpact

OCIMF's TMSA 3 has now been released with changes in element 7 regarding software management a brand new element 13 which has Cybersecurity topics to be addressed for compliance. Element 7 - Change management Element 7 has a section regarding software management. This includes having procedures which could include: Assigned responsibilities for software management including…
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SOFTimpact launches revamped website

SOFTImpact the Maritime IT solutions provider have launched their new look website at As part of this revamp and consolidation of brands,  Cybersail will become CYBERimpact. Tips of the month and other Maritime related Cybersecurity news will be available there. To see more details please visit Our other brands include CREWimpact for Crewing & Payroll…
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